Sunday, November 02, 2014

Happy Halloweekend!

How are you spending your Halloweekend, aka Post-Halloween Coping Period, aka Halloween Hangover Day(s)? This year we got the benefit of a Friday Halloween, leaving a clear night and two days of Halloween goodness (plus the end of Daylight Savings) to try and forget that most department stores have already started playing Christmas music.

Not sure how to spend your last hours of Halloween happiness? Thinking of extending Halloween a week to numb the pain of the upcoming late autumn/early winter holidays? Try the following:

  • Marathon the Halloween movies you didn't get to during the month of October. I managed to save a compilation DVD of old-school Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons and the like.
  • Go buy and horde the half-priced candy. Proceed to make it into delicious baked goods, ice cream sundaes, or a day of Bad Decisions as you eat it straight from a plastic novelty cauldron. Don't forget to hit up the drugstores in addition to regular grocery chains.
  • Put up the tree, but make it an autumn/Halloween tree until at least mid-November.
  • Declare a second Halloween by having a really late costumed Halloween party sometime in the first few weeks of November. Act like it is completely normal.
Even if you don't have time to do the above, at least make sure you insulate yourself from the Christmas music for another week. Take up knitting. Barricade yourself indoors. Don't let Christmas take over your November.

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