Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Must-Watch List

What do you mean we’re approaching the last few weeks of October and you still do not have a movie marathon list on constant rotation? Someone needs to sort out some priorities before the month’s long gone. Thankfully, I can help.

Machete Maidens Unleashed*
This fast-paced doc follows the surprisingly American film history of the Philippines. It may not capture the spirit of Halloween, but the flicks covered in this documentary represent the seediest of monster movies. Be prepared for rubber monsters, tales from the Wild East of the Philippines circa 1970, and machete-wielding maidens trying to survive jungles on set and off.

American Scary*
Here's a look at classic American horror from the ground up. It's a good primer to understand how the gore-fests of the present got their start. It works as a good starting point and an interesting watch, but you'll have to look elsewhere for Hammer films, German expressionism, and non-US-centric pieces.

Monster Movie Makeup*
Another Netflix-available documentary, this goes back to the start of horror makeup and leads viewers through the evolution of monster creation. It's a great supplement to one's history of horror education, since it connects the literal building of monsters and zombies on-screen to the figurative creation of monsters int the minds of writers and directors.

Comedy and Family Films
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark*
An excellent comedy to replay at any time of year, this movie starts horror host Elvira in her own big-hair-meets-small town adventure. It's ridiculous and full of insane tropes, but so are many of the movies that she hosts on her own show.

Hocus Pocus
The Halloween Tree

See my "Top 5 Halloween Movies for the '90s Kid in You" post for more information.

Horror Films
The Exorcist
Friday the 13th
At least one Hitchcock film (I tend to favor Vertigo or The Birds)

Food Network Challenge
Heroes of Cosplay

History Channel mini-documentaries

The Series of Tubes
Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 
There are eight years' worth to go through, so get going!

Rob Agar's Series on Hidden Meanings in Horror Films

*Available on Netflix, or were as of posting

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