Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to Beyond Voracious

What is Beyond Voracious? BV is a blog about avid consumption in a post-modern world. Media saturation is everywhere from the ads that desperately try to interest recession-bound millennials to the memes encoded in conversation to the smart phone screens that get more face-time than most faces these days. This blog is just another retelling of that consumptive narrative, trying to analyze how and why we watch movies, read books, and generally absorb popular culture.

Each week Beyond Voracious will be taking a look at random snippets of popular culture with a Top 5 Tuesday inspired by the top 5 lists of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity. Thursday's Film Files will delve into the good and the bad of cinema by peeling apart nostalgia, cinematography, and narrative to see why we still love movies in the age of the 15-minute attention span.

So follow, check in, or otherwise feel free to stop by and join in as we sift through this cultural detritus that makes up Beyond Voracious.

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